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Monday, December 10, 2007

Graffiti in Portugal Photographs

Graffiti in Portugal Photos

These Photographs are of graffiti in various places in Portugal. I found Portuguese Graffiti to be amongst the best in the world. I got off of the bus in Lisbon and my jaw immediately dropped. The street art is beyond good here- its colors are bright and its message poignant.

For more on Portuguese Graffiti go to:

Graffiti in Portugal: the other side of the wall
Interview with Mr. Dheo
Interview with Eskema
More photos of Portuguese Graffiti

A collage of graffiti photos that I have collected in Portugal

Odeith the Illusionist showing how he does his ground breaking corner illusions.

Graffiti by Odeith

The first independent wall mural in Portugal- Odeith

King of the gutter- from Odeith's Hall of Fame

Graffiti streets of Barrio Alto

Photograph from Barrio Alto

Picture of stencil graffiti in Barrio Alto

Another photo of graffiti in Barrio Alto

Photograph of a drunken viking stencil in Barrio Alto

Wade from Vagabond
Anduze, France
December 10, 2007

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