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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Code Pink Congress Lobbying Washington DC Photos

Code Pink Congress Lobbying Washington DC Photos

The following photographs were taken in the autumn of 2008 around Washington DC. They are of Quaker lobbyists, Code Pink activists, a vagabond lobbying congress, and a horny skeleton in the Smithsonian museum.

Photo of US Congress
Wade from Vagabond
in Brooklyn, New York City- October 29, 2008
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Horny skeleton trying to get some action from an antelope in the Smithsonian natural history museum in Washington DC.

The poet Sydney March at Busboys and poets cafe near U Street in Washington DC.

Code Pink activists house in Washington DC,

Outside of Code Pink women activists house in Washington DC.

Liz Huricane of Code Pink.

Seal of the US House of Representatives with vagabond boot in Washington.

Vagabond lobbying Maine congressman Mike Michaud on Salvadorian immigrant rights and the upcoming elections in El Salvador.

Salvadorian immigrants in Maine congressman's Mike Michaud's office.

Lobbyists tell Mike Michaud's aid about the political situation in El Salvador.

Quaker lobbyists in Washington DC.

This is a video tour of the Code Pink house in DC

Code Pink Congress Lobbying Washington DC Photos

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