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Friday, December 28, 2007

Castles in France

Castles in France

The following photographs are of the
Chateau de Tornac XIIE located outside of Anduze, France. Mira and walked there down the abandon railroad tracks from the town center and soon found ourselves on top of the great hill that props up the castle above the fertile river valley below. These photos show the Chateau de Tornac castle as well as the surrounding southern France countryside.

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Photograph of the walls of the castle near Anduze, France

Hole in the castle walls showing the town of Anduze- the gateway to Cevennes- below.

Photo from inside the walls of the Chateau de Tornac

Photograph of the beautiful French countryside.

Photograph of the Chateau de Tornac

Hight standing French castle walls

Photo of the castle in the south of France

Photo of the entrance to the castle

The walls of the Chateau de Tornac standing vigilantly over the French countryside

Wade from
Anduze, France
December 28, 2007

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