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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Monte De La Cruz- Costa Rica Photographs

Monte de la Cruz, Costa Rica Photos

The following pictures are from Monte de la Cruz in Costa Rica. This wildlife/ agricultural area is just outside of the San Jose/ Heredia urban span. It takes around 20 minutes to get there from the Universidad National de Costa Rica by bus. Monte de la Cruz is a beautiful area which has waterfalls, hiking and horse riding trails, forests, and agricultural fields.

These are the photos that I took during my visit in early 2008.

For directions on how to get to Monte de la Cruz please visit Vagabond Fieldnotes- Monte de la Cruz

Photograph of the bridge that spans the river near Monte de la Cruz

Photograph of the top of the waterfall in Monte de la Cruz, Costa Rica

Where the waterfall meets the earth

Photo of a moss covered tree in the forests of Monte de la Cruz

Mira from Wanderjahr Jill climbing over big tree roots in Monte de la Cruz

Mira scavenging in Costa Rica, these rasberries were the only think I had to drink. Don't forget to bring water with you to Monte de la Cruz

River that runs through the agricultural fields

San Rafael is a town that you ride through on the way to Monte de la Cruz

Costa Rican Cows relaxing in the mountains

Wade from Song of the Open Road Travel Blog
Heredia, Costa Rica
January 26, 2008


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