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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Morocco- Rabat, Casablanca, Chellah Ruins

Morocco- Rabat, Casablanca, Chellah Ruins.
Rabat, Morocco
September 12, 2007

Fields surrounding Rabat near Chellah Ruins.

Moroccans strolling through the gardens of the Chellah Ruins.

Women offering boiled eggs to the eels in the ancient pool to ensure fertility and an easy childbirth. Chellah Ruins, near Rabat, Morocco.
Women talking outside of Restaurant del la Liberation in the old medina of Rabat, Morocco.
Motorcycle market in Rabat, Morocco.

Gate to the medina in Casablanca, Morocco.
Rabat city walls.
Moroccan couple courting at Chellah Ruins, outside of Rabat, Morocco.

Path through the gardens of Chellah.

African man taking a rest from planting. Outside of Rabat, Morocco.


  1. hi.there are some places bad and some others good like all countries,but you must not laught and make a joke when you do your bloody stupide job or i dont know why you are in morroco may be for a raison hehehe u know what i mean .

  2. I do not believe that a traveler is required to like every country that they travel through. I also do not believe that people should not be in countries that do not agree with them. I write my impressions of the world as I move through it. I never made any other claim. I am not going to enjoy a place that I don't; I will not lie to be polite.

    I found some hassles in Morocco, so I wrote about them. I do not dislike Morocco. In fact, I have grown rater comfortable with it. But there are some major hassles that many people in Morocco give to travelers- touts, hotel runners, restaurants, and taxi drivers try to cheat people to an extraordinary degree. This is what I observed.

    These are only my impressions, they are not meant to upset you.

    I have to get back to my stupid job now.

    Walk Slow,


  3. i am very eager to go to morocco as the culture looks fascinating. do you have any tips on what not to do while your there and any customs that should be respected? Also, are there any places that women can't go to?


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