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Monday, September 15, 2008

New York City Brooklyn USA Photos

New York City, Brooklyn, USA Photos

The following photographs were taken in the USA in Philadelphia, New York City, and at the Brooklyn Book Festival.

Hannah Kates-Goldman shedding off her Maine flower and wearing shades to keep the Big City at bay.
Wade from Vagabond
in Brooklyn, New York City- September 15, 2008
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Foreign author at Brooklyn Book Festival who could hardly read his own book. I must love a writer who cannot even read his own writing.

Indian author Manil Suri doing a Bollywood dance at the Brooklyn Book Festival. This was the high point of the show, and it made a cracked smile come to my cynical lips.

Manil Suri, the author of The Age of Shiva and The Death of Vishnu performing a Bollywood number to perfection at the Brooklyn Book Festival. This was seriously good stuff. Hannah Kates berated me earlier in the day for saying that I judge books by the author photos, but after watching Manil Suri do his dance masquerading as an Indian woman I think we are both going to read his books.
Lady the Tramp smoking a pipe.

Lady the Tramp smoking a cigar.

Vagabond Journey Wade smiling.

Dekalb and Flatbush in Brooklyn, where I should be spending the next three months before returning to my journey to the Middle East.

New York City subway.

New York City subway.

New York City, Brooklyn, USA Photos
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