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Monday, September 29, 2008

Passport Stamps and Visas

Passport Stamps and Visas

The following are some photos of the passport stamps and visas that are in my US passport.

This is my beat up and battered - war torn - USA passport.

Wade from Vagabond
in Brooklyn, New York City- September 21, 2008
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Passport stamps from Ecuador, the first country that I ever traveled to in South America.

Passport stamps and visas from Argentina, Uruguay, and Chile.

Vietnam visa stamp.

Passport and visa stamps from Japan and the European Union. I like how the Japanese one is like a postage stamp.

Chinese tourist L visa stamp.

Egypt visa stamp and Chinese exit stamp.

Indian visa stamp.

Chinese student visa.

Passport stamps from Southeast Asia.

Passport Stamps and Visas
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  1. Hi Wade I find your blog today its very interresting and also I like your visa and stamp collection on your passport.I will try to send you a post-card from Romania.

  2. Hi, your passport pages are great. I currently live in the United Arab Emirates and I've traveled to over 70 countries. So, my passport is very thick with stamps and visas. I hope you've continued traveling. I love it.

  3. very cool, wish i could travel half as much as you have. keep updating


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