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Saturday, September 06, 2008

Caving Under Budapest Photos

Caving Under Budapest Photos

I went down into the Matyas Cave that runs for 17 kilometers under the Buda side of Budapest. I traded some words and photos on the internet about the caving tour to straggle along for free. I had never been spelunking before and this caving tour was a good introduction.
Wade from Vagabond
in Budapest, Hungary- mid August, 2008
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Wade from Vagabond in caving clothing.

Cavers in the caves beneath Budapest.

The caving guide telling us what to do in the cave when we go inside. This guy could run through the narrowest passage in the cave with ease, looking like he was a native to these underground caverns.

The narrow passages of the caves under Budapest being navigated by a first time spelunker.

Cave paintings from the 1950's. "We were not the first people to come down here spoke the guide." It was interesting to see the marks of past cavers 50 meters down under the streets of Budapest.

Caving Under Budapest

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