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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Cockfight Photos

Cockfight Photographs

The following pictures are of a cockfight in Honduras. The cockfight is part of the cultural heritage of Central America, and the depth of the ritual is pretty extensive. What is interesting is that the cockfight seems to be very similar all over the world. Clifford Geertz wrote extensively about cockfights in Bali, and they seem very much the same as what I observed in Honduras.

Go to At the Cockfight for a more about the cockfight in Honduras.
Go to Cockfight in Honduras video for a film of the cockfight.

Photo of a man and his cock.

A cock getting ready to fight.

The gambling at cockfights in Honduras go beyond the rooster fights. There are other games for people to bet on. In this game people buy a number on the wheel and it is spun. While it is spinning someone throws a dart at it and the number that it hits is the winner.

Boy shinning shoes at the cockfight in Honduras.

Cock handler getting ready for the fight.

Photo of the scale that is used to weigh the roosters. The cocks are fought in classes to make for better sport.

Photo of the spurs that are used in Honduran cockfights.

Picture of men chasing cocks in Honduras.

Men gathered around the cockfight ring as the next match between roosters is organized.

Photo of a man and his cock.

More Photos from Central America

Wade from
Copan Ruinas, Honduras
March 21, 2008

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