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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Photos from the Lake Atitlan Region of Guatemala

Photos from the Lake Atitlan Region of Guatemala

The following pictures are from the Lake Atitlan region of Guatemala. They were taken in the towns of Santiago Atitlan, San Pedro de la Laguna, and Panajachel. These photographs are of a hand-cranked juice machine, a passenger boat in Lake Atitlan, an Indigenous Mayan woman, Mayan clothing and textiles, Wade from Vagabond Journey and Mira from Lady the Tramp in Panajachel, Guatemalan kids playing on a boat, a Guatemalan man sleeping, Wade trying on a new palm hat, volcanoes of Lake Atitlan, and a Japanese hippy in San Pedro.

Hand-cranked juice machine in Santiago Atitlan, Guatemala.

Passenger boat on Lake Atitlan.

Mira and an indigenous Mayan woman from whom she purchased a textile to make clothes with.

Mayan woman selling Guatemalan womens clothing at a market in Panajachel.

Wade from Vagabond Journey and Mira from Lady the Tramp in front of Lake Atitlan in Panajachel, Guatemala.

Guatemalan kids on a boat in Lake Atitlan.

Guatemalan man sleeping.

Wade from Vagabond Journey trying on a new palm hat in San Pedro, Guatemala. It was only a few dollars but I failed to buy it. I am still searching for MY hat. Anybody who has found THEIR hat knows what I am talking about.

Volcanoes around Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. Photo taken from Panajachel.

Japanese hippy selling cheap food in San Pedro.

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Wade from Vagabond
Antigua, Guatemala
April 19, 2008

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