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Monday, February 18, 2008

Gallo Pinto Costa Rican Food

Gallo Pinto: Costa Rican Food

Gallo pinto is THE breakfast in Costa Rica. Every morning here you are dished up a nice steaming plate of this fulfilling Costa Rican specialty. Gallo pinto is essentially black beans and rice, but the way that it is prepared makes it something special, as it is usually the leftovers from the previous nights dinner: so the rice is a little hard, the beans have been reheated a couple of times, and it is all extra oily from the multiple cookings. It is often combined with scrambled eggs to top off the breakfast. Gallo Pinto is Costa Rican cooking at its best.

Photographs of Gallo Pinto:

Gallo pinto served up in the morning.

Costa Rican breakfast.

Wanderjahr Jill loves Costa Rican food.

This meal was good extra well, I think this rice had been reheated a couple dozen times.

Wade from Vagabond
Heredia, Costa Rica
February 18, 2007

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  1. but what the f... the gallo pinto is not a typical food of costa rica is original and native of Nicaragua did not lie this good photo but it is not true of costa rica
    carefully: an angry Nicaraguan

  2. Please don't flatter yourself. Gallo Pinto is just day old rice and beans.


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