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Monday, February 11, 2008

Manuel Antonio Costa Rica Photos

Manuel Antonia Costa Rica Photographs

Photos from the beach at Manuel Antonio. Pictures of people, animals, Japanese travelers, and planes on the beach in Costa Rica.

I am told that Manuel Antonio is the epicenter of gay travel in Costa Rica

Massages on the beach at Manuel Antonio.

B-52 aircraft that the US tried to provide the contras with in Nicaragua. Then then got caught and the Iran-Contra affair blew up. The airplane just stayed where it was. Then someone made a bar out of it. An expensive bar.

Beautiful women in Costa Rica in a bikini at a waterfall.

Costa Rica road sign full of wildlife.

Japanese traveler in Costa Rica. I love meeting up with Japanese travelers.

Beach at Manuel Antonio. So many things for sale that you can't even look at the ocean.

Photo of the beach at Manuel Antonio.

Iguana at the beach in Costa Rica.

Monkey at the beach in Costa Rica.

Beautiful women in a bikini on the beach (she is my girlfriend).

Wade from Vagabond
Heredia, Costa Rica
February 11, 2008

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