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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Indigenous Boruca Crafts of Costa Rica

Indigenous Boruca Brunca Crafts and Masks of Costa Rica

The below masks were carved by a Costa Rican indigenous tribe called the Boruca or the Brunca. They inhabit the southern part of Costa Rica and many people of their communities live off of carving masks, painting, and making traditional crafts to be sold to tourists to Costa Rica.

A traditional Boruca mask in San Jose.

Indigenous masks by the Brunca.

Indigenous crafts in Costa Rica.

Photograph of the masks that the indigenous people the Brunca of Costa Rica make. These crafts can be purchased in San Jose or by visiting their communities.

A photograph of a traditional indigenous mask made and painted by the Boruca of Costa Rica.

Photo of an indigenous mask made by the Borca of Central America.

Crafts for sale in an indigenous art shop in San Jose, Costa Rica.

Wade from Vagabond
Heredia, Costa Rica
February 27, 2008

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