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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Costa Rica National Sports Day Parade

Costa Rica National Sports Day Parade

The following photographs are from a parade in Heredia, Costa Rica that happened last Sunday. I am told that it was a parade to celebrate national sports day, but I suspect that Costa Ricans just like dancing in the streets. I joked that the parade was for Mira's great return to Heredia, but something tells me that odd games of basketball and Costa Rican sports take precedence over all.

Photo of an odd game of Costa Rican Basketball

Scary masks, I do not know who they are meant to represent, but I hope that it is not me

The Chinese residents of Costa Rica even got into the parade and had a traditional Chinese dancing dragon.

More scary masks, something tells me that they are of Costa Rican politicians, Oscar Arias perhaps? The people of Costa Rica seem to not like that guy very much.

Wade from Song of the Open Road Travel Blog
Heredia, Costa Rica
January 23, 2008

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