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Friday, January 25, 2008

French Womens Clothing and Fashion Photos

French Women's Clothing and Fashions Photographs

The following photographs are of women's clothing in France. Almost every woman in France is highly dressed and is very conscience of popular French fashions. I was in France for a month with a woman who unintentionally looked French because of her clothes. I took these pictures of of French women in Montpellier, a fashionable university town in the south of France.

Photo of the long coats that are very fashionable clothing for women in France. Jeans that are tight at the tip and then flare out at the bottom are also commonly worn under the coats in winter. Many women also were expensive shoes to bottom out their outfit.

This is a photograph of typical attire for French women: long dark colored coats with tight pants that flare at the bottom and nice shoes.

Many ladies in France also adorn themselves with very fashionable clothes complete with scarves and nice shoes.
Designer handbags are very popular with women in France.

Another photograph of stylish women in France with tight jeans and long black coats as clothing.

Wade from Song of the Open Road Travel Blog
Heredia, Costa Rica
January 25, 2008


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