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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Guayabo Archaeology Site in Costa Rica

Guayabo National Monument Archaeology in Costa Rica

The Guayabo archaeological park is in the eastern portion of the central valley of Costa Rica. The site sits near the top of Volcan Turrialba, which is 19km from the town of Turrialba. This is the largest archaeology site that has been discovered and excavated in Costa Rica, though only a portion of this site has been unearthed. The Guayabo site itself contains mounds, canals, monoliths, tanks, tombs, petraglyphs, and a twenty km road that stretches all the way down the mountain to Turrialba.

In the Guayabo National monument there are also hiking trails through the forest and an, "Abundance of forest species like the "carara", "magnolia", "cantarillo", "burio" and "cedro" are cover with a lot of plants like "bromelias" and orquets."

Photograph of the Guayabo Archaeology site from up Volcan Turrialbo.

A pool in Guayabo Archaeology park.

Photograph of a petraglyph in Guayabo.

A beautiful typical Costa Rican house near the archaeology park in Costa Rica.

The way to Guayabo National Monument. A herd of cattle blocking the road.

Mounds at the Guayabo archaeology site. These are thought to have been the base for living structures.

The stone road that goes from Guayabo to Turrialba.

Photo of Guayabo Archaeology site.

Stonework stairs at the monument in Costa Rica.

Petraglyph in Guayabo National Monument, Costa Rica.

Wade from Song of the Open Road
Heredia, Costa Rica
January 31, 2007

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