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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Photographs of Moroccan People

Photos of Moroccans

These photographs are of people from Morocco. I traveled in Morocco during September and October of 2007 and the beginning of January of 2008. The cultural diaspora of Morocco is incredibly layered, and I found that Moroccans come from a variety of different cultures.

The above photo is of a Moroccan man and woman walking near the mosque in Marrakesh.

This Moroccan man is a vendor of natural perfumes and incense. He demonstrated how perfume is made from amber and how sandlewood is ground down into incense powder.

This is a photograph of the market in Marrakesh (Marrakech) Morocco. The Moroccan women at the market were on the sent of deals and it could be said that that they were voracious in their search.

This photo is of men in front of a mosque performing salah, or formal prayer.

Moroccan women buying olives in Marrakesh.

I hear they are really big. Hehehe.

Tourist going for a ride in a horse carriage in Marrakech. Tourism in this city is really big but it does not seem to seep too much of the genuine atmosphere out of Marrakesh.

Photograph of a Moroccan kebab cook slicing off chucks of juicy meat.

Moroccan rickshaw driver moving around in Marrakesh.

Moroccan women wearing traditional clothing. These simple clothes still seem to be in fashion with Moroccan women.

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