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Monday, January 14, 2008

More Photographs from Morocco

More Photos from Morocco

The following photographs are from my and Wanderjahr Jill's travels in Morocco. I first came into Morocco through the airport in Casablanca and then wandered up to Rabat/ Sale. After a few days of walking around the ancient medina, the Kasbah, and the old town of Sale, I went over for a visit to Fez. I did not quite appreciate the standard deviation of culture that was to be found in this tourist pit of a city, although I was not much bothered by the packs of touts and hotel runners. I stayed at the International Youth Hostel, and had good laughs with the other travelers and tourist who would come in at night with low slung faces and tales of how they were riped off by the touts and hustlers in the ancient medina of Fez. I did have some good walks though in this medina- I got really lost, to say the least. From Fes I went to another imperial city called Meknes that is an hour by train to the west. I found a much more comfortable situation here and stayed for three weeks to study a little French so that I would be more prepared to travel south into West Africa. After my French lessons were over I went back to Casablanca and picked up Wanderjahr Jill at the airport. She was happy to be in Morocco, but she promptly got really sick off of a sausage that she ate in the Rabat Medina. She spent a couple of days in bed and then we cooked up a crazy plan to go to Europe and ride bicycles from the Atlantic Ocean to France.

After two months in Europe we returned to Morocco and had a relaxing week in Marrakesh. These are some of the photos of my Moroccan travels.

A View of Ramadan from the Inside
Travel Blog Posts from Morocco

Photograph of the Moroccan countryside between Marrakesh and Casablanca.

Moroccan sheep herders in the open pastures of Morocco.

Moroccan men discussing business.

Moroccan women discussing business outside of the Restaurant de la Libertad in Rabat.

Moroccan man and woman at the train station in Marrakech.

Bearded Moroccan man at train station.

Women waiting for a train in Marrakesh, Morocco.

Donkey with a full load in Morocco.

Moroccan cooks making tajines in the Marrakesh medina.

Man and woman walking in the big square of Marrakesh.

Tourists in Marrakesh.

A funny sign in the medina of Casablanca.

Wade from Vagabond
Albion, NY, USA
January 14, 2008

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